Seamless Family Law collaboration

Quantum Cloud stands as the best legal forms software for enhancing your Family Law practice. It not only simplifies communication but also supports seamless collaboration with all parties involved in a case.

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Amplifying your Family Law Practice

Transform your family law practice with Quantum Cloud, the industry-leading family forms software. With Quantum Cloud, you can seamlessly manage unlimited client case files, enhance efficiency and accuracy by inputting data once, generate asset schedules, draft standard family court orders, upload supporting documentation, and collaborate within the software with all involved parties in the case.

  • Efficiently collaborate within the software with clients on key forms
  • Access high level, quality customer support
  • Utilise Quantum Cloud's automatic generation of client information and final figures
Cloud based software

Our Cloud based software enables us to ensure rapid deployment of crucial updates and upgrades, essential in the continuously evolving landscape of Family Law.

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Auto populated fee earner details

Fee earner details, including pay grades, are saved and auto inputted into forms where necessary, including the Form N260.

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All figures in forms, such as Form E and Form D81, are auto-calculated and totalled, saving you time and improving accuracy.

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Create private cases

Very sensitive cases can be marked as private, so only the creator and users they select can access the case.

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The Stats

How can Quantum Cloud improve your firm?

9259 +

Cases created in Quantum Cloud

*in the last 12 months

5280 +

Client collaborations in Quantum Cloud

*in the last 12 months

24170 +

Family forms created by family practitioners

*in the last 12 months

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Use and access across multiple different devices

Access Quantum Cloud from anywhere, whether you're at home or in the office, using your desktop, laptop, or tablet. Manage all your critical client cases and collaborate with involved parties on the go. Create court forms, orders, asset schedules, chronologies, and ES2 Composite Schedules from any location.

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What Others Say

'I manage all the user accounts across all Class Legal products and find the support team to be very efficient and friendly and we have no issues recommending any of the services they offer.'

Stuart Taylor

Head of IT


Osbornes Law

'I have been using Quantum for 15 plus years now, and I wouldn’t want to be without it! Having all of the forms in one place, and being able to easily draft multiple applications, forms and orders, after the initial case details are inputted and saved, is a real time saver. Clients particularly like the fact the Form E has in-built auto calculator. The customer service that I have experienced over the years has always been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend Quantum Cloud.'

Nicola Chamberlain Blackfords 1

Nicola Chamberlain

Head of Family


Blackfords LLP

'Quantum Cloud's collaborate feature has significantly improved the client experience for us. Specifically, it has accelerated the completion of Form Es, making the process more efficient and cost-effective for both our firm and our clients. '

Sara Willis Trethowans

Sara Willis




'Quantum Cloud has definitely improved our team collaboration. We can assign tasks easily and share information seamlessly. No more duplication – just smooth teamwork.'


'Quantum's accuracy in tracking figures, totalling up assets and liabilities, reassures us and ensures precision in the financial calculations critical to our cases.'

Ash Hussain

Ash Hussain

Aina Khan Law

Designed For All

Designed for all firms of all different sizes

Quantum Cloud is trusted by family departments in leading magic circle firms, as well as smaller boutique firms and independent practitioners nationwide. Designed for flexibility, our system caters to practices of any size, accommodating from a single user to large teams of 100 or more. Whether you're a Fee Earner, Paralegal, or Legal Secretary, Quantum Cloud adapts to your specific requirements seamlessly.

Fee earner

Manage all your client matters seamlessly within Quantum Cloud. Easily assign cases to other fee earners, paralegals, or secretaries, ensuring smooth collaboration. Plus, our system ensures that only one user can work on a case at a time, preventing duplication and streamlining workflow.

IT manager

Get started with Quantum Cloud effortlessly—no setup required. We handle all the groundwork, enabling your team to dive right in, minimising the time and effort required from the IT department.


Effortlessly navigate between cases and invite involved parties to collaborate. Collaborators can initiate their own Form E, which can then be returned to you for review and finalisation. We ensure compliance with our regularly updated forms and orders, so you can trust you are always completing up-to-date documentation.

Legal secretary

Easily aid in drafting court orders, complete basic case information and instantly create chronologies and schedule of assets for approval in the case.

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Advanced Form E Completion

Time saving

Case data is automatically populated, income and future needs quickly entered side-by-side, and relevant financial information filled into the Financial Remedy Court Order.

Homepage time saving
Improved accuracy

All assets and liabilities are calculated as you go, and presented in a financial summary.

Improved accuracy
Enhanced collaboration

Invite your client to complete or amend their own Form E, all within the security of Quantum Cloud.

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What Makes Us Different

Providing an exceptional level of client support

What sets us apart is our commitment to customer care. We prioritise your support experience, ensuring you feel guided every step of the way. Accessible assistance is at the core of our service, with all customer support and training included in your software plan. You can talk to a real person between 9-5.30, Monday to Friday. 

‘We commend Quantum Cloud's customer support. We find it accessible and responsive, with the ability to reach assistance immediately. Furthermore, Quantum Cloud offers follow-up training, ensuring that our users can maximise the software's potential.’

Sara Willis




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Your frequently asked questions

How do I know if the software is right for me?

Quantum Cloud is tailored specifically for professionals handling Family Law cases. Whether you're a seasoned Family Law Practitioner or frequently handle such matters, Quantum Cloud is the ideal solution for you. Our platform helps you to navigate the intricacies of family cases, seamlessly managing complex Form Es, drafting standard family court orders, and enabling collaboration on financial or children forms with clients.

Can I try Quantum Cloud for free?

Yes, we provide a complimentary 35-day trial of Quantum Cloud, which can be extended if necessary. We understand that investing in software for your business is a significant decision. During the trial, you'll enjoy full access to Quantum Cloud, and we don't require any credit card details to get started.

Can my client use Quantum Cloud too?

Yes, with Quantum Cloud's collaborate feature, you can invite clients or counsel to complete or review their court forms, including Form E. This saves them time and money while offering a more secure system compared to emailing drafts of documents back and forth.

How much does Quantum Cloud cost?

Quantum Cloud costs £550+VAT per user, per year. There are no lengthy contracts or cancellation periods. You pay for the year and can cancel at any time, although refunds are not available for the current subscription period.

Can I access customer support and training as part of my software plan?

Yes, we take pride in offering high quality customer support and training, all included in your software plan at no additional cost. Regardless of how frequently you utilise our support or training services, there are no extra charges. Plus, support and training are also available during your trial period.

What is the installation process for Quantum Cloud?

Since Quantum Cloud is cloud-based, setup is quick and straightforward, requiring no installation. Upon creating your account, you'll receive an invitation email to set it up. As part of the sign-in process, we've implemented two-factor authentication, easily managed through an authenticator app on your mobile device. Popular authentication apps include Authy, Microsoft, Google, and Duo. We handle all account creations for you, minimising the time you or your IT team need to spend on setting up Quantum Cloud.

Discover what purchasing Quantum Cloud includes

We pride ourselves on transparency when it comes to pricing, ensuring you know precisely what to expect. Our pricing structure is straightforward and comprehensive, encompassing all Quantum features. With one fixed price per user, you gain access to the complete Quantum Cloud package without any hidden costs.

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Let’s make completing your family law court forms effortless